Your Ultimate Guide to Disneyland Genie+ App: Tips, Exclusions, and Pro Hacks!

Genie+ Works on Almost All Rides…

But a few exceptions, like the new Star Wars ride and the Web Slingers ride, add an element of strategy to your planning. After scanning into the Lightning Lane, you’re free to use the app and book your next ride.

Do You Get a Free PhotoPass with the Disneyland Genie+ App?

Unfortunately, no. Disney’s approach to PhotoPass has changed. While you get an extremely watermarked version, the PhotoPass+ is now required for full-quality copies. Pro tip: Snap a picture of the screen with your phone for less watermark.

Pro Tips for the Disneyland Genie+ App:

  • Go Early: Arrive at Disneyland or California Adventure Park by 7 or 7:30 am to access rides before the crowds. Even before the official park opening at 8 am, early-goers can make their way to the best rides.
  • Speed Walk to Busiest Rides: Take advantage of early access by heading straight to the busiest rides at opening. Our group managed short wait times for Web Slingers and Star Wars Rebellion by arriving early.
  • Re-book if You’re Late: If you’re running late for your time slot, cancel and re-book without penalties. Make the most of your Genie+ app by ensuring you don’t miss your ride window.
  • Ride the Same Ride Twice Glitch: While it lasts, if a temporarily closed ride is booked, the app allows you to book a new ride even if you’ve already ridden it. Take advantage of this glitch for extra fun!

Questions about the New Disney Genie+ App?

Comment below with your queries, and we’ll make sure to get back to you with the information you need for an unforgettable Disneyland experience!

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