Safe and Thrilling Travel in the COVID-19 Era: Your Comprehensive Guide

Traveling in a world with Covid is possible and there are ways to make is a safe and fun experience. After the many highs and lows of the coronavirus pandemic, you may be wondering if you can get back on the road and travel. Below are some guidelines for planning that trip you’ve been waiting for!

Here are some recent first-hand articles about traveling during Covid in 2022- Uganda, Tanzania

  • When traveling during Covid-19, follow the regulations and guidelines of your local health authority.

As the Covid-19 situation is ever-changing, be sure to check regularly with your local health authority regarding vaccinations and travel restrictions. Traveling during Covid-19 means you have to check more frequently with changing regulations, and make sure you’re looking at a real government website whenever possible! Though I will note, during our experience traveling East Africa (Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya) it was often impossible to find information on the government websites, and the most accurate information came from tour agencies who deal with these regulations in the field every day.

  • Choose your destination(s) wisely
    • What are the countries entry requirements? Recheck them again as you get closer to your entry date as things change quickly.
    • What is the Covid-19 situation in the country? Consider things like vaccination rates, quality and accessibility of hospitals, and latest news.
    • What is the countries procedure for quarantining with Covid-19? Can you afford it and do you have a plan in case you test positive?
    • How far is it from home? Depending on your risk-tolerance, you may choose to go to a destination a little nearer to home so you have multiple options for traveling home, or at least the hope of a reasonably-priced repatriation flight.
    • What is the price of a PCR test in the destination country? Is there a clinic that offers testing that is accessible to you at your destination?

When traveling during Covid-19 - air travel

  • Consider your home countries re-entry requirements.

If there is a mandatory quarantine for returning to your home country, and do you have the time and budget for it?

  • Covid-19 Travel Insurance

Ensure your travel insurance does not exclude covid-19. We use this Canadian credit card for travel insurance and it works great for us: Desjardins Odyssey Gold ($110 CAD per year). Another option is the National Bank World Elite Mastercard – $150 CAD fee is waived if you have their bank account with a balance of $5k CAD.

  • Pack hand sanitizers, a small bar of soap, and N95 masks

In Uganda, for example, there has been many times when soap wasn’t available at the restaurant or washroom sinks. Wash your hands as much as possible. In many countries warm water is not readily available, but that is ok! I was surprised to learn that cold water with soap can be just as effective as warm or hot water- the important thing is that you lather for at least 10 seconds. Pack masks and wear them whenever you can, especially in crowded areas. It won’t be fun to cut your trip short by needing to quarantine with a case of Covid-19!

  • Avoid activities and sports that have high risk of injury while traveling

We’re in a global pandemic together, and it’s our responsibility to lessen the burden on the already-crowded healthcare system by doing our best to stay safe and healthy.

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