Grow Succulents in Water: A Soil-Free Delight!

Discover the joy of growing succulents without the fuss of soil maintenance. Read on to explore the simplicity of water cultivation and elevate your plant care experience. Plus, check out our article on caring for the stunning Swiss Cheese Plant – learn 5 ways to care for Monstera.

Why Grow Succulents in Water? Some of us lack a green thumb or the time for meticulous soil care. Growing succulents in water provides a picturesque alternative, free from pests, diseases, and overwatering challenges.

How to Grow Succulents in Water: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Prepare Your Succulent: Take a cutting from another succulent or gently clean soil from its roots for a succulent planted in soil.
  2. Choose a Waterproof Container: Opt for teacups, mason jars, or glazed/plastic pots. Avoid porous containers like terra-cotta or rust-prone metals.
  3. Optional: Elevate Your Succulent: Use stainless steel or plastic scouring pads or clean stones/glass beads to lift your succulent in the container.
  4. Add Water: Fill the container, covering the succulent’s roots or stems. Ensure they are in contact with water.

How to Care for Your Succulents in Water

Sunlight: YES Succulents thrive in direct or indirect sunlight. Place them in a bright location for optimal growth.

Water: Every 2 Weeks Water every 2 weeks or when water levels drop below the plant’s roots. Adjust frequency based on sunlight and home brightness.

Other Succulent Care Considerations

Fertilization for Succulent Water: 20-20-20 Every 2 Months Use water-soluble plant food like Miracle-Gro to nourish your succulents. Mimic natural fertilization to ensure optimal growth.

Humidity: Don’t Worry About It! Normal room humidity suffices. Succulents are resilient and thrive even in drier climates.

Temperature: 65°F-85°F (18°C-30°C) Maintain a warm environment, avoiding temperatures below 60°F (15°C) for flourishing succulents.

Comment below with any questions about growing succulents in water, and I’ll provide expert guidance!

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